What’s wrong with the (American) church?, Pt. 2

This morning I posted my comments on “What’s wrong with the (American) church?” My comments were posted before I saw the morning newspaper and before I was greeted by this headline as I prepared my breakfast: “Woman’s turn in pulpit at Irving Bible Church brings buzz, beefs.”

When I saw the headline, I stared in disbelief. Irving Bible Church is pastored by a grad from my seminary. It has a significant and influential history. Surely not a woman in that pulpit. For forty years there has not been. But tomorrow there will be.

Tommy Nelson (pastor of Denton Bible Church, and also a grad of DTS) summarized the tragedy and danger this way: “If the Bible is not true and authoritative on the roles of men and women, then maybe the Bible will not be finally true on premarital sex, the homosexual issue, adultery or any other moral issue,” he said. “I believe this issue is the carrier of a virus by which liberalism will enter the evangelical church.”

He’s exactly right.

This is not an issue about the validity of women serving in the church, or their value as individuals, or their position in Christ. This is a matter of being obedient to the clear teaching of Scripture about who will lead the church and who will provide Biblical instruction.

This is another evidence of the sad state of the American evangelical church. And tomorrow it becomes still a little more weak.

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