Thinking a little more about worldviews and the world system and the way unbelievers think…

It might seem daunting at times to try and sort out what others think about life and the world — what are the core values that drive that individual?   James Sire has formulated a series of seven questions that help reveal the true convictions of an individual’s life (of course, this is dependent on getting a truthful answer, and depending on the person’s worldview, that may be somewhat difficult!):

  1. What is prime reality — the really real?
  2. What is the nature of external reality, that is, the world around us?
  3. What is a human being?
  4. What happens to a person at death?
  5. Why is it possible to know anything at all?
  6. How do we know what is right and wrong?
  7. What is the meaning of human history?

The answers to these questions and other similar ones will help reveal what that individual believes about God and Christ.  And that is the most important concern in understanding the worldviews and lifestyles of others — do they submit to God and Scripture or do they reject Him and His Word, either by their own words or actions?