What is contentment?

In his article “Counseling Discontented People,” Lou Priolo has made eight statements that define and reveal what contentment is:

  1. Contentment is realizing that God has already provided everything I need to glorify and enjoy Him.
  2. Contentment is realizing that true satisfaction can only come from building one’s life around those things that cannot be taken away or destroyed.
  3. Contentment is delighting in God more than in anything else.
  4. Contentment is being able to adjust the level of one’s desires to the condition and purpose chosen for him by God.
  5. Contentment is willingly submitting to and delighting in God’s wise and loving disposal in every condition of life.
  6. Contentment is knowing how to use the things of the world without being engrossed in them.
  7. Contentment involves putting the best possible interpretation on God’s dealings with oneself.
  8. Contentment is thanking God for those things about which one used to murmur and complain.


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