The innumerable works of God

Of all the attitudes that might be cultivated towards God, one of the most dangerous is complacency.  Because God is majestic and supreme to be bored with Him is sin.  Because God is infinitely gracious to all mankind and particularly gracious towards those who belong to Him, to take His work for granted is an infinite offense.

David acknowledges that it is impossible to know all of God’s wondrous works (“they would be too innumerable to count,” Ps. 40:5b), but he also acknowledges that God’s wonders and thoughts toward His people are “many” and David would then suggests he would, “declare and speak of them” (Ps. 40:5a).

Though we cannot know all of God’s acts of grace towards us, we are still wise to contemplate them, enumerate them as much as we are able, and speak of them to others.

Spurgeon is helpful as we think about God’s works —

All the divine thoughts are good and gracious towards his elect. God’s thoughts of love are very many, very wonderful, very practical! Muse on them, dear reader; no sweeter subject ever occupied your mind. God’s thoughts of you are many, let not yours be few in return.

Their sum is so great as to forbid alike analysis and numeration. Human minds fail to measure, or to arrange in order, the Lord’s ways and thoughts; and it must always be so, for he hath said, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” No maze to lose oneself in like the labyrinth of love. How sweet to be outdone, overcome and overwhelmed by the astonishing grace of the Lord our God!

If I would declare and speak of them, and surely this should be the occupation of my tongue at all seasonable opportunities, they are more than can be numbered; far beyond all human arithmetic they are multiplied; thoughts from all eternity, thoughts of my fall, my restoration, my redemption, my conversion, my pardon, my upholding, my perfecting, my eternal reward; the list is too long for writing, and the value of the mercies too great for estimation. Yet, if we cannot show forth all the works of the Lord, let us not make this an excuse for silence; for our Lord, who is in this our best example, often spake of the tender thoughts of the great Father.

We will never reach the end of our reckoning of God’s wonders, but let us labor this day to consider as much of His grace as we are able.

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