Charles Spurgeon, writing on Psalm 95:7-8 (“TO-DAY! TO-DAY! TO-DAY!,” Sermon no. 1551) —

“To-day” is a time of obligation. Every man is under a present necessity as a subject of God to obey his Lord to-day, and having rebelled against his God, every sinner is under law to repent of sin to-day. “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out,” is the cry of Scripture to every one who has sinned against the Most High. (Acts 3:19.) What if I should repent to-morrow, yet it will be a sin to remain impenitent to-day. What if I should believe in Christ next year, yet will it be a heinous offense to have been an unbeliever this year. I have no more right to continue to disobey than I ever had to disobey at all. When the law has been broken it is still binding, and every fresh offense against it is reckoned to our charge. We are bound to confess and forsake sin now, and delay increases our sin. I met with a striking sentence in the works of William Mason which is well worthy to be written among your memoranda: “Every day of delay leaves a day more to repent of, and a day less to repent in.” What if this day shall be the last I live; shall it be spent in refusing to hear the word of my Maker? Shall my last breath be spent in rejecting my Savior? God forbid! I see that I am bound as his creature to obey him, and as his sinful creature to seek pardon of him; help me, therefore, blessed Spirit, to attend to these things this day without delay.

Remember, also, that to-day is a time of opportunity. There is this day set before us an open door of approach to God. This is a very favored day, for it is the Lord’s day, the day of rest, consecrated to works of grace. To-day our Lord Jesus rose and left the dead that he might declare the justification of his people. This is a day of good tidings, therefore, beloved, I pray you seize the golden moments. On what better day can you seek the Lord than on that day which he has hedged about and set apart that you might spend it in his fear? Is it not our Sabbath? No day can be more fit for ceasing from your own works that you may rest in the work of Christ. Is it not the first day of the week? This day creating work began, why should not the new creation begin in you at this good hour? To-day the fiat of the Lord went forth, and there was light. O for that fiat to be heard within your souls that you might have light! It is a day of grace to-day, a day of gospel preaching, a day of an open Bible, a day of promises, a day in which the Spirit of God comes to work with men, a day in which Jesus Christ is set forth evidently crucified among you, a day in which the mercy-seat is approachable, a day in which justice is God’s strange work, but in which mercy is his joyful occupation. These are days which kings and prophets waited for, and saw not-blessed days, when mercy keeps open house for all hungry souls, and when whosoever will may come, and him that cometh shall in no wise be cast out. You cannot have a better time for coming to Christ in than the season prescribed in the text-namely, “to-day.”

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