Kindle Spanish Book Deals

Here are some excellent ebook deals for Spanish speakers: Teologia Sistematica, Wayne Grudem:  Kindle Price: $.99 Manual Biblico, Henry Halley:  Kindle Price: $.99 Nuevo Comentario Ilustrado de la Biblia, Earl D. Radmacher:  Kindle Price: $.99 Concordia de la Biblia Strong Concisa, James Strong:  Kindle Price: $.99 Diccionario Expositivo de Palabras del Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento […]

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Messed Up Family?

From Jon Bloom: Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find an example of what we would call a “healthy family” in the Bible? It’s a lot easier to find families with a lot of sin and a lot of pain than to find families with a lot of harmony. For example, here’s […]

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Free Sproul ebooks

Amazon currently has almost a dozen of R. C. Sproul’s booklets available for free. I’m not sure how long this deal will last, so act quickly to get them! R. C. Sproul.

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If you’d like to help…

Below is the substance of an email I sent to our church body this morning after the storm in Granbury last night: Dear beloved Church Body, The Lord last night demonstrated His power and authority, along with His grace. During the storm, the words of Psalm 8 were going through my mind: When I consider […]

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What Is a Christian?

A Christian is one who recognizes Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God, as God manifested in the flesh, loving us and dying for our redemption; and who is so affected by a sense of the love of this incarnate God as to be constrained to make the will of Christ the […]

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Ian and Larissa: One Year Later

From Desiring God: It’s been one year since we released this video, very simply titled: “The Story of Ian and Larissa.” The response was (and continues to be) stunning — over 1.5 million plays online from viewers around the world. But such impressive numbers only faintly echo the measure of grace in the lives of […]

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Understanding 1 Samuel

Recently we began reading 1 Samuel in our daily Bible reading plan.  Here are a couple of charts that you may find helpful in understanding the book.  The first provides an overview to the flow and theme of the book and the second offers a perspective of the relationships of the three kings of the […]

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