The magnificent mandate

Dan DeWitt, in A Guide to Evangelism: Many Christians, according to Russell D. Moore, think about evangelism like they think about flossing. They know they should do it more often – and they even feel guilty when they’re reminded of it – but they think of it as an optional discipline. Such a laissez-faire approach […]

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Are we not sinners?

John Newton: Are we not sinners? Were we not rebels and enemies before we knew the gospel? And have we not been unfaithful, backsliding, and unprofitable ever since? Are we not redeemed by the blood of Jesus? And can we stand a single moment except he upholds us? Have we anything that we have not […]

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Grab bag

“When Your World Caves In” (Paul Levy) — a sober reminder of the cost of sin in general and the cost (and protection against) sexual sin in particular:  “Recently I’ve spent some time with two friends who were in ministry but have fallen morally and so now find themselves out of a job that they loved, […]

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50 years ago today

You are well aware that 50 years ago today, President Kennedy was assassinated and entered eternity.  It is fitting to reflect on the life of a President (aside:  I highly commend the book Character Above All, edited by Robert Wilson as an examination of the 10 presidents from FDR to George H. W. Bush; it’s […]

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Reading Ezekiel

Like many of the prophets, the theme of this book is quite simple. It is essential to remember that this book was written while Ezekiel himself was in captivity in Babylon, and he was writing to the Jews to get them to repent. Thus, it is also noted that it encompasses the fact that “the […]

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Never let Sunday be routine

J. I. Packer, The Quest for Godliness: We must never, therefore, let our Sundays become mere routine engagements; in that attitude of mind, we shall trifle them away by a humdrum formality.  Every Sunday is meant to be a great day, and we should approach it expectantly, in full awareness of this.

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What is sin?

What is sin? Sin is acting without believing God (Rom. 14:23; Heb. 11:6) Sin is not doing what is the right thing to do — acts of omission (James 4:17) Sin is acting rebelliously against God’s Law (1 John 3:4) Sin is doing anything unrighteous — acts of comission (1 John 5:17) Sin is wicked.  […]

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Christ and your sin

John Owen, Communion with the Triune God: Sin being removed, and righteousness bestowed, we have peace with God—are continually accepted before him. There is not any thing to charge us with: that which was, is taken out of the way by Christ, and nailed to his cross—made fast there; yea, publicly and legally cancelled, that […]

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Let us examine our ways

You may not know the name Wilhelm Roentgen, but his discovery has undoubtedly impacted you.  It was in November of 1895 while the German physicist was replicating a common electrical experiment that he noticed an oddity.  A little curiosity combined with further testing, and Roentgen was able to conclude that not only are there light […]

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Biblical counseling conference

This weekend we are hosting the final weekend of our Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Conference. We are delighted to have as a guest speaker, Heath Lambert, the executive director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC, formerly known as NANC).  He will be speaking at the conference on both Friday and Saturday and then […]

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The mortified man

Christopher Love, The Mortified Christian: A truly mortified man is like a warrior:  he will either kill or be killed.  He will kill his sins or else his sins will kill him.  Now examine yourselves in this:  are you only fencers, to sport and play with your lusts, or are you warriors who fight with […]

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