Good reads from 2013

As I evaluated my reading habits at the end of last year, I began to recognize a diminishing ability to give sustained attention to the longer and more involved discourses and arguments contained in books.  So one of my goals this year was to read more books.  Cover to cover.  I set a specific goal […]

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Sermon: What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name Selected Scriptures from Mt. 1-2; Luke 1-2 December 22, 2013 When Raye Jeanne was pregnant with the girls, we spent many hours reading names back and forth to one another, trying to come up with something that we thought sounded right and would be fitting for our unknown child. At the […]

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Reading Zechariah

This week we’ve been reading Zechariah in our Old Testament reading plan. Are you confused about this book of visions? One of the dominant emphases of the book is the revelation of the Messiah. The concept of the Messiah is extremely prominent in this book. No other Old Testament book seemingly is so filled with […]

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2014 Bible reading plans

For a number of years, our church has followed a “Through the Bible” annual Bible reading plan. Then two years ago, we created a “Through the New Testament” Bible reading plan that read the NT chronologically, as well as the Psalms (to read on Sundays).  The intent with this plan was to encourage those who […]

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The gospel message

Two weeks ago we were going to have an outreach meal at the church.  As part of that event, we were going to show a video presentation of the gospel as a stimulant to conversation around the dinner table. Because of the ice storm, we canceled the meal, but the video was still made.  I […]

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Daniel’s 70 weeks

As a young man, Daniel was taken captive by Babylon in 605 B.C.  There he served under several rulers and two empires (the Babylonian and the Medo-Persian).  Near the end of his life, while reading the book of Jeremiah (9:2; cf. Jer. 25:11-12), Daniel realized that the promise of 70 years of judgment under the […]

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Daniel’s visions

In Daniel’s prophecy, he received a number of visions relating to future empires and their relationship with Israel. Here is a simple chart to overview and explain these visions:

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