A biblical mandate for missions

Last year, our church elder board developed a policy for missions to determine what missions is and what kind of missionaries our church is committed to support and what our expectations are for ourselves and our missionaries in the missionary endeavor.  The process was enlightening as we began to see the breadth of God’s passion […]

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Sermon: Since Christ is Resurrected…

Since Christ is Resurrected… Romans 8:33-34 April 21, 2019   Sometimes, when you are given a good gift, you don’t realize just how good that gift is: The first time someone gave us fresh eggs, I thought, “that’s nice…I like eggs…” And then I tasted them.  Wow…the difference was remarkable! When I transferred seminaries in […]

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Final Words

When I take a trip somewhere without my wife, Raye Jeanne, as I recently did, I will remind her of some household essentials — repairs to the house that I have made or need to make, the status of our bills and check book, and similar items. As I leave my home in the morning, […]

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