When you are angry

I have recently been re-reading David Powlison’s book, Good and Angry. I found two ideas to be particularly helpful. First, like a good biblical counselor, he reminds us readers to supplant sinful anger with a corresponding righteous replacement.  And he reminds us of the nature of God to do that, drawing attention to God’s interaction […]

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Anger and its Progression

Given the vast number of words that have been identified with anger in the Scriptures (someone has identified more than 500 terms that reflect a form of anger), this may be an overly simplistic overview of the topic.  But perhaps this provides you a good place to start thinking about what anger looks like and […]

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Be killing anger

At our recent men’s retreat, we were taught the principle of mortifying sin and the flesh by Stuart Scott.  I thought back to that event when I read the following statement this afternoon from John Piper: “In marriage, anger rivals lust as a killer. My guess is that anger is a worse enemy than lust. […]

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The Heart of Sinful Anger

[Be sure to watch to the end, where Powlison draws a helpful distinction between sinful and righteous anger.] For more on this topic see — David Powlison, booklet, Anger: Escaping the Maze David Powlison, booklet, You Make Me So Mad! Managing Your Anger Robert Jones, book, Uprooting Anger: Biblical Help for a Common Problem HT: […]

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What makes a heart hard?

Examples of people with hard hearts abound in Scripture.  Pharaoh is the first one who is explicitly said to have a hard heart (Ex. 7:13ff).  He was followed by Sihon (Dt. 2:30), Israel in the wilderness (Ps. 95:8), the inhabitants of the land of Canaan at the return from Egypt (Josh. 11:20), the Philistines when […]

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Sunday Leftovers (7/25/10)

There is a kind of anger that is righteous. We know that because God is wrathful and Jesus demonstrated anger during His time on earth. It is also quite evident that virtually all human anger is unrighteous — and even when it is righteous initially, it tends towards unrighteousness over time.  And that is why […]

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Sunday Leftovers (7/18/10)

Human anger is almost always portrayed in Scripture to be something unwise, foolish and ungodly.  And even when men exhibit genuinely righteous anger, it is always prone to degrading into ungodly, unrighteous anger.  A few observations about anger from Scripture: Anger, like every sin, is the result of allowing the flesh to rule one’s mind […]

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Book Review: Uprooting Anger

“Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity”(Eph. 4:26-27; NASB). This pair of verses is familiar. Very familiar. To parents (who use the verses in exhorting their children). And husbands and wives (who use them to attempt to […]

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