Why love others?

In the New Testament, God tells us how to care for others in the church body.  Frequently we find those instructions in conjunction with the word “brothers” — as in, “Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your […]

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Sermon: Love Still More

Love Still More1 John 4:7-11August 14, 2022 The number/letter combination A113 is seemingly everywhere in animated movies.  It’s Andy’s mom’s license plate number in Toy Story; It’s a door number in Monsters University; It’s the courtroom number in Up; It’s the camera model number in Finding Nemo; It’s on a rat’s ear tag in Ratatouille; […]

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Fellowship with God

This post was originally published June 3, 2013; it is being republished today because the theme fits this past Sunday’s sermon so well. The term “fellowship” is used regularly in the context of the church (do non-believers use the word?).  Often the word is used synonymously for “food” or “feast,” as in, “be sure to […]

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Sermon: The Son of God Has Come

“The Son of God Has Come” Selected Scriptures from 1 John December 18, 2016 What gift are you going to give to that special person in your life? Five years ago Alan McCutchen ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Mary Jo Smith, and he thought the relationship was completely over. Not quite. Two weeks ago […]

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“I need to see you”

Several years ago I called a friend to ask him a couple of questions about an event (enough years have passed so that I no longer remember the precipitating reason for the phone call).  It didn’t seem to me, as I made the phone call, that it was a particularly significant issue or that it […]

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Sermon: We Know

We Know… 1 John 5:18-21 August 24, 2014 We don’t often like to admit it, but most of us are pretty ignorant most of the time about most things. We don’t know nearly as much as we’d like to convince people we do know. Our children ask us questions about the way things operate — […]

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