Sermon: The Good Shepherd

Jesus Christ — the Good ShepherdJohn 10:1-21September 11, 2022 A few years ago I was running some errands one afternoon when I noticed that one tire was almost completely flat.  I slowly made my way to a tire store.  There was a long line and wait (with mild irritation).  Finally, I spoke to an employee:  […]

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The danger of affirmation

We all like and long for approval.  We desire affirmation.  We want to be liked.  We want the thumbs up of approval and the back slap of affirmation.  We want to hear “good job” after a presentation, an “I’m impressed” after a house project, and a “you’re a great parent” from our parents when they […]

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Service and Suffering

We all know the priority of service.  But how is it possible to serve when you are suffering? That is  is an important question because all of us suffer hardship.  Christ Himself acknowledged that fact — “In the world you have tribulation…” (John 16:33). And this has been our very own experience.  We have various […]

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Sermon: Jesus Prays

Jesus Prays John 17:20-26 January 3, 2021 Few things reveal the nature and condition of our hearts like prayer (when we are genuine and truthful). That is true as well of the heart of Christ, which makes the Lord’s prayer in John 17 a particularly rich and stimulating passage of Scripture.  Of this passage, Melanchthon […]

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Woman, Behold Your Son

When you talk about Jesus Christ you must talk about the uniqueness of Christ. He is different from every other person that has ever lived. There are similarities between us and Him — He was born, He developed intellectually, physically, and relationally like all others, He experienced physical pain and hunger and weariness, and He […]

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Sermon: Behold the Lamb of God

“Behold the Lamb of God…” John 1:29 November 27, 2016 In one sense, the death of Christ is a simple truth understood even by the youngest child. I am a sinner and Jesus died for sinners so that we can get to Heaven and get God. In another sense, there are deep complexities to the […]

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Sermon: Behold the Man!

“Behold the Man!” John 19:1-5 October 2, 2016 Familiarity, it is said, breeds contempt. It may not always breed contempt, but very often, it does produce apathy. We are familiar with someone or something so we no longer find the amazement and joy that we did when we were first introduced to that item or […]

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