Watch your heart

[Keeping the heart] is the hardest work; heart-work is hard work indeed: to shuffle over religious duties with a loose and heedless spirit, will cost no great pains; but to set thyself before the Lord, and tie up thy loose and vain thoughts to a constant and serious attendance upon him; this will cost thee […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: David Murray has “20 Helps to Sermon Listening.”  Number 1? “Read and mediate on God’s Word every day: Daily Bible reading whets our appetite for the main course on the Lord’s Day. We can’t expect to be ready to digest spiritual food if we’ve not been eating through […]

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Spiritual food

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is…” (Prov. 23:7a; NASB) A quick trip to the local bookstore and even a superficial perusal of the food section will yield a plethora of books on dieting and eating designed to help the reader change his habits of consumption.  The tenor of the books?  “You are […]

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“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool.” (Prov. 19:1; NASB) A number of years ago, Ted Engstrom told this story in his book Integrity: For Coach Cleveland Stroud and the Bulldogs of Rockdale County High School [Conyers, Georgia], it was their […]

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A short concordance for Proverbs

One of the best tools for studying Scripture is a good concordance.  Seeing how an author discusses a topic throughout a book or in his other books, or discovering how other authors discuss the same topic will help one develop a full theology on a given topic. One book where it is particularly useful to […]

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What the Lord hates

Is it possible for God to hate?  Does God hate? Yes, it is possible for God to hate and yes, He does hate.  He hates anything that is contrary to righteousness.  His hatred is a means of defending His truth, integrity and good.  He is against anything that violates His standard of what is right. […]

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What is wisdom?

Huston Smith, senior professor of religion at Syracuse University, recounted his interaction with a famous author and professor: While I was teaching at MIT, Aldous Huxley joined us for a semester as distinguished visiting professor in the humanities. Needless to say, he was in demand all over New England, and my regard for him was […]

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How’s your heart?

John R. W. Stott recounts the letter written by Robert Murray M’Cheyne to the Rev. Dan Edwards on October 2, 1840 after Edwards’ ordination as a missionary: I trust you will have a pleasant and profitable time in Germany.  I know you will apply hard to German; but do not forget the culture of the […]

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Identifying the fool

Say the word “fool” and the image of one who is easily duped comes to mind:  Larry, Mo and Curly, Barney Fife, Laurel and Hardy.  Yet they, and the characters they portrayed were not so much fools as simpletons who were essentially harmless, innocent, and amusing.  Not so with the fool. Scripture is clear that […]

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A gold apple

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances” (Prov. 25:11; NASB) It was supposed to be a simple fencing project.  Buy a few panels, take the old ones down, put the new ones up.  Real easy.  And real unrealistic.  It evolved into one of my typical projects, one […]

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