Jesus is the answer

In Colossians 2:8 Paul warns about the dangers of the base and elementary philosophy of the world.  What are those principles?  He is non-specific, but the most basic philosophy of the world is this — anything must be made supreme so that God and Christ will be minimized.  The base philosophy of the world it […]

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Grab bag

A few things I’ve spotted around the internet lately: Can six seconds a day protect your marriage?  Jani Ortlund says it can — if it’s a six-second kiss. Unbelieving pastors?  Say it ain’t so.  And yet there are some.  Perhaps (probably?) the report by new-atheist proponent Daniel Dennett is biased, but if he could find […]

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Living by grace is important

I thought about the grace of God as I read the newspaper this week, because the writers of two essays didn’t. The first essay, “Control Issues” by Daniel Akst rightly evaluates the lack of self-control that is rampant in our culture. He perceptively writes, Most of us who live with children and computers know about […]

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