Today’s Quote (10/22/08)

Charles Spurgeon, “Separating the Precious from the Vile:” Never were there good times when the Church and the world were joined in marriage with one another.…The more the Church is distinct from the world in her acts and in her maxims, the more true is her testimony for Christ, and the more potent is her […]

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Today’s Quote (10/3/08)

Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students: “It is our duty and our privilege to exhaust our lives for Jesus. We are not to be living specimens of men in fine preservation, but living sacrifices, whose lot is to be consumed; we are to spend and to be spent, not to lay ourselves up in lavender, […]

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Today’s Quote (10/2/08)

Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students: Dwell in God, brethren; do not occasionally visit Him, but abide in Him. They say in Italy that where the sun does not enter the physician must. Where Jesus does not shine the soul is sick. Bask in His beams and you shall be vigorous in the service of […]

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Sunday Leftovers (9/21/08)

Many thoughts remained in my mind (and in my notes) following yesterday’s sermon.  Belief in the omnipresence of God is not new for me.  I have thought about it many times.  But the significance of God’s continual presence with me (and all men) weighed on me in new and fresh ways this week.  What follows […]

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Today’s Quote (9/22/08)

Charles H. Spurgeon, Counsel for Christian Workers: Christ’s servants delight to give so much as to be thought wasteful, for they feel that when they have in the judgment of others done extravagantly for Christ, they have but begun to show their heart’s love for His dear name.

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Nothing new about truth

Solomon said that there is “nothing new under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9). I’ve understood that to be true in a variety of circumstances. Death is sorrowful. Marriage is the greatest source of earthly joy (and often sorrow). Sin is devastating. Always. Where there are people, there will be conflict. Where there is Christ, there can […]

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On the reading of many books

Having books and resources at our disposal is a good and blessed gift from God. But at times it is overwhelming to consider what to read and what to give our attention to the most. In previous generations, the question was not “do I have enough time to read?’ but, “do I have enough to […]

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Spurgeon on the cross

Charles Spurgeon, in “Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified:” Is there not one among you who can play the man, and insult the Man of Nazareth to his face? No, not one! Like cowardly dogs, they slink away! The infidel’s bragging tongue is silent! The proud spirit of the atheist is broken; his blusterings […]

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Trouble Arising Early to Pray?

Do you have trouble arising early in the morning to pray? This word of encouragement and exhortation from John Calvin is a good encouragement to continuance in the discipline of prayer: “Although we ought always to raise our minds upwards towards God, and pray without ceasing, yet such is our weakness, which requires to be […]

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