Introduction to the Christ-Child

We are familiar with the birth account of Jesus.  It’s hard not to know the story — even Charlie Brown’s friend Linus understands the advent of Christ.  But there are details to the story that are easy to overlook and miss.  One of the fascinating components to the birth accounts is how Jesus is addressed […]

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Sermon: The King’s Worshippers

The King’s WorshippersMatthew 2:1-12December 26, 2021 We are well familiar with the Christmas stories: the appearance of Gabriel to Zacharias and Elizabeth announcing the arrival of John the Baptist as the forerunner of Christ — and Zacharias’ unbelief and silence. the appearance of Gabriel to Mary announcing her pregnancy with the Messiah and her willing […]

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The King’s Humility

Below is the text from the message I gave last night at our Christmas Eve service. A few years ago I listened to Walter Isaacson’s masterful biography of Albert Einstein. I am not really scientifically inclined, but I thought the story would be interesting. It was — Einstein was a fascinating character. Along with the […]

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Sermon: The King’s Arrival

The King’s ArrivalMatthew 1:18-25December 19, 2021 My parents and I were born in Canada (I got to Texas as quickly as I could, though); and I suppose it was the influence of being part of a British Colony that led my mom to always be more than a little intrigued by the British monarchy and […]

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The Father Who Sent His Son

The following is the manuscript of the message given at our Christmas Eve service this evening. In February 1942, the American war against the Japanese in the Philippines was not going well.  It was going so poorly that by March 12, 1942, President Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur, who was stationed in the Philippines, to […]

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Sermon: Christ is Coming

Christ is Coming Revelation 1:7 December 20, 2020 It was early in November that I saw my first sign of Christmas.  There on someone’s Facebook video was a Christmas tree in the background — two weeks before Thanksgiving!  It was shortly after that Raye Jeanne and I began noticing that Christmas lights started appearing on […]

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Sermon: Christ Has Come

Christ Has Come Revelation 1:4-6 December 6, 2020 A truck driver was driving across a town but something appeared to be wrong — every time he stopped at a red light or stop sign, he would jump out of his truck running around it and beating the side of it with a baseball bat.  Someone […]

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Sermon: The Birth Announcement

The Birth Announcement Luke 2:1-20 December 22, 2019 Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle had a baby.  While babies are born every second of every day, this birth captured the attention of royal followers around the world.  Like many other parents, the birth was first announced by Harry and Meghan on social […]

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Our great King and Savior

At Christmas, many sermons, blog posts, and magazine articles rightly expound the greatness of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Those writings echo the theme of Scripture, which exposes Christ’s glory with unique and superlative terms [my emphasis]: “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.” (Col. 1:15) “For those whom He […]

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Christmas Joys

Below is the text of the message I preached this evening at our Christmas Eve service:  “Christmas Joys” (Luke 2:25-35). It’s a little late to send a letter to Santa with your gift requests tonight.  But people have been sending in requests for a while now.  It’s usually just children that send in their wants, […]

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Sermon: Christmas Sorrows

Christmas Sorrows Matthew 2:13-23 December 23, 2018 What is your dream of the perfect Christmas?  Paint the picture in your mind:  who are the people who are around you?  Where are you celebrating?  What are you eating?  What gifts are you giving and receiving?  What will make the perfect Christmas day? On the first Christmas […]

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The Greatest Christmas Gift

“The Greatest Christmas Gift” John 6:37, 39 December 24, 2017 This might be the most extravagant, unexpected gift given this year. Two weeks ago a man walked into the “5 & Diner” restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ for a Saturday morning breakfast. He ordered an ordinary bacon and eggs breakfast with coffee. The bill came to […]

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What will you see at Christmas?

The word “Christmas” elicits many sensory responses: the vanilla, buttery smell of spritz cookies baking, the sounds of excited children whispering with giggling anticipation about gifts and Christmas songs at church, in the car, on iTunes, and at the mall and Home Depot, the sights of houses lit up in various kinds of splendor every […]

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