I am Christ’s

As followers of Christ, we do not always reckon well the provision of Christ for us.  In this brief meditation, Philip Dodderidge helps us consciously meditate on our position in Christ and some of the infinite blessings that flow from the cross: I am yours!Your mercy is mine to pardon me.Your blood is mine to […]

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Sermon: The Slain, Exalted Lamb

The Slain, Exalted LambRevelation 5April 17, 2022   We are Christians.  We are followers of Jesus Christ.  No day on our calendar of worship demonstrates our dependence on Christ more than Easter morning.  On this day we affirm we need Him and we will worship Him above all other things and people.  But on this […]

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“It Must Happen This Way”

“It Must Happen This Way:”The Arrest of Christ and the Sovereign Purpose of GodMatthew 26:47-56April 15, 2022 (Good Friday)   Facts reflect the reality of a condition.  They are true.  They can be believed.  But interpretations of facts are variable, inconsistent, at times inaccurate, and invariably not to be trusted. One husband was complaining to […]

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A Good Friday Message

The Triumphant Submission of Christ Mark 14:35-36 April 2, 2021 Of all the things that we don’t like to do and all the things we don’t like to think about, the thing most people most recoil from is death. When I had been a pastor just a few months, Martin’s Funeral Home called me and […]

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Jesus’ seven words from the cross

While He hung on the cross, Jesus made seven statements.  The first three words concern His personal relationships — a prayer for His executioners, a promise to the thief (His fellow-sufferer on that day), and a provision for His mother. The next three words concern His work of salvation — the cry concerning His moral […]

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Sermon: Since Christ is Resurrected…

Since Christ is Resurrected… Romans 8:33-34 April 21, 2019   Sometimes, when you are given a good gift, you don’t realize just how good that gift is: The first time someone gave us fresh eggs, I thought, “that’s nice…I like eggs…” And then I tasted them.  Wow…the difference was remarkable! When I transferred seminaries in […]

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Final Words

When I take a trip somewhere without my wife, Raye Jeanne, as I recently did, I will remind her of some household essentials — repairs to the house that I have made or need to make, the status of our bills and check book, and similar items. As I leave my home in the morning, […]

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The power of the cross, exemplified

We have noted that the cross is powerful.  We need to be convinced of its relevance, power, and wisdom.  That’s Paul’s message in 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. But just how powerful is the cross? In 1838, Robert Murray M’Cheyne preached a sermon, “God Let None of His Words Fall to the Ground.”  To demonstrate the power […]

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The power of the cross

The cross of Christ is a foolish thing.  The cross of Christ is a shameful thing.  The cross of Christ is a hated thing. The cross of Christ is foolish, shameful, and hated, that is, by those who are perishing, by those who are “wise” according to the way of the world.  But to those […]

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Remembering Christ

Familiarity may not always breed contempt, but it will likely breed forgetfulness. If you have been around for 20,000 sunrises, it takes an extraordinary sunrise to capture your attention. If you have seven children, the arrival of the last child and his acquisition of language and mobility probably won’t produce wonder in you. After 62 […]

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Woman, Behold Your Son

When you talk about Jesus Christ you must talk about the uniqueness of Christ. He is different from every other person that has ever lived. There are similarities between us and Him — He was born, He developed intellectually, physically, and relationally like all others, He experienced physical pain and hunger and weariness, and He […]

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