They said it better than me: Death

Yesterday, I wrote about thinking about death. Today I offer some quotations from others who have spoken biblically and wisely about death: “The question is not whether we will die, but whether we will die in a way that bears much fruit.” (John Piper, Filling up the Afflictions of Christ) “Death is a threat to […]

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Thinking about death

A few months after I became a pastor, a funeral home called me and asked if I would do a funeral service for a woman whose family did not have a relationship with a church in our community.  I agreed and went to meet with the family to talk about the service. They wanted one […]

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Sermon: Blessings and Dying Words

Blessings and Dying WordsHebrews 11:20-22May 8, 2022 The legacy of people’s final words is fascinating.  What were the final words and thoughts on people’s minds as they departed this life for eternal life (or eternal death)?  These words are significant because death is the ultimate enemy of all men.  There are more harsh and less […]

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Satan Will Be Crushed

This world is filled with trouble.  Every person suffers and every person inflicts suffering on others.  We all have trouble with our physical bodies that fail us with as mundane things as forgetting to mail a bill to as weighty a problem as contracting Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 40.  We all have struggles with […]

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Thinking about home

In the last two weeks, the mothers of three of our church members have died.  And one of our longtime members who has been home-bound for more than a decade died in a care facility at the age of 93. In the last two weeks, I’ve been to two funerals (one of which I led), […]

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Some sins are worse than others

Every sin is worthy of the infinite wrath of God. The appropriate, rightly deserved consequence of all sin (and every sin) is God’s judgment and condemnation (Rom. 6:23). Every sin is worthy of God’s wrath because every sin is an affront to the glory of God and fails to achieve the glory of God (Rom. […]

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And then came death

Martin Luther’s consciousness of his sin is well-chronicled.  While he was serving in a Roman Catholic monastery he at times would feel confident of his self-righteousness that claimed, “I have done nothing wrong today.”  And then almost as quickly he would become plagued with questions like, “Have you fasted enough? Are you poor enough?”  His […]

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Death – an inlet to happiness

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from The Christian’s Charter. Death to a believer is an inlet to happiness Samson found an honey-comb in the lion’s carcase; so may a child of God suck much sweetness from death. Death is the […]

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Sermon: Sin and Death…and Grace

Sin and Death…and Grace 1 John 5:16-17 August 17, 2014 I was listening to a couple of interviews of some pastors and counselors recently and the interviewer asked two different panels a question that I have asked others a great many times: “what do you think is the greatest need or problem in the church […]

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Grab bag

Seen recently on the internet: Fred Phelps, leader of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, died this week.  There have been numerous responses to both his life and death.  Al Mohler, in “Fred Phelps and the Anti-Gospel of Hate — A Necessary Word” offers this wise insight: We must be very clear about the fact that […]

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50 years ago today

You are well aware that 50 years ago today, President Kennedy was assassinated and entered eternity.  It is fitting to reflect on the life of a President (aside:  I highly commend the book Character Above All, edited by Robert Wilson as an examination of the 10 presidents from FDR to George H. W. Bush; it’s […]

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Think often of your death

Thomas Watson: Oh, meditate on the transience and brittleness of life!  Think often of your tombstone. Question:  What advantage will accrue to us by often thinking of our short time here? Answer 1.  Meditation on the shortness of time would cool the heat of our affections for the world. [“Time’s Shortness”]

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