Satan Will Be Crushed

This world is filled with trouble.  Every person suffers and every person inflicts suffering on others.  We all have trouble with our physical bodies that fail us with as mundane things as forgetting to mail a bill to as weighty a problem as contracting Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 40.  We all have struggles with […]

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A brief lesson about demons

In Luke 8, Jesus confronts the demoniac known as Legion.  And in a spectacular demonstration of His power, and with something of a sense of irony, Jesus sends the demons into a herd of pigs, who then rush over a cliff to a watery grave. Yet in this story, some basic realities about demons are […]

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Grab bag

A few things I’ve spotted around the internet lately: Can six seconds a day protect your marriage?  Jani Ortlund says it can — if it’s a six-second kiss. Unbelieving pastors?  Say it ain’t so.  And yet there are some.  Perhaps (probably?) the report by new-atheist proponent Daniel Dennett is biased, but if he could find […]

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Casting out demons?

When I was in seminary, I had a professor who was prone to seeing the influence of Satan in (too) many places.  He regularly regaled us with accounts of exorcism — including one that was allegedly controlling his wife’s failing eyesight.  While there was some measure of interest and entertainment in his tales, I wondered […]

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