Help and Hope for the Anxious

On the first weekend in April, our church is hosting a one-day conference for our community.  We are thrilled to have Stuart Scott as our speaker (he’s written an excellent booklet on the topic).  There is no cost for the conference (and lunch is provided), but we do need all participants to register.  More information […]

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Despairing and troubled?

When you awakened this morning, did the day seem heavy?  Did you awaken expecting the problems of yesterday to seem lighter and a resolution more likely only to feel as though the problem grew in dimension during the night, obscuring any possibility of hope? Despair and discouragement are not unusual. The psalmists felt those pains […]

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Happy with what you have received?

At Christmas, many presents are unwrapped and on occasion (frequently?) the revelation of what is inside is met with disappointment.  The gift did not meet expectations. Life seems to work that way for some people, too.  The unfolding of days and the accumulation of years yields a product that is less than what was desired […]

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Sunday Leftovers (10/4/09)

One of the reasons that we are prone to discouragement in ministry (and in life) is because we quietly believe that success is dependent on ourselves.  There is a subtle temptation to voice in the inner recesses of our hearts, “I am everything and Christ is neither adequate nor necessary.”  Now, few would give voice […]

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Sunday Leftovers (9/27/09)

We tend towards discouragement because we do not think rightly about our position in relation to God’s wisdom and sovereignty.  We see big circumstances and an inadequate God.  We feel the weight of responsibility from God rather than viewing that responsibility as a gift and a privilege.  We want the end of God’s reward and […]

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