The cry from the cross

Two quotes to stimulate your thinking as you contemplate the crucifixion of Christ on this Good Friday morning and His cry from the cross — “About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, ‘ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?’ that is, ‘MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?’” (Mt. 27:46; NASB) […]

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Christ, the cross, and joy

The longer I walk with Christ, the more I not only love Him, but the more I love the cross.  I love to read the crucifixion story.  It moves me every time.  I love to read about the cross — I have at least a couple dozen books that deal with the singular topic of […]

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In due time their foot will slip

Today’s Scripture reading includes Dt. 32:35 — Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon them.’ It is this verse that served as the text for Jonathan Edwards’ well-known sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an […]

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The necessity of a rejected Christ

Over the years, I have I heard others say this, and I have said it too:  “Jesus didn’t have to die.”  That is a partially true statement, in that Christ was fully blameless, innocent, and untainted by sin.  It was “right” for Him not to die.  Yet that obscures part of the message of Scripture.  […]

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