In Heaven…

On earth we experience beauty and joy in many ways:  fellowship with beloved friends, the fragrance and flavor of a favorite meal, the spontaneous smile of recognition from a 9-month-old baby, the glory of a view from a mountain peak, the simplicity of a newly opened flower bloom, and so much more. God has been […]

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What’s Coming?

My daughter texted me this morning. “GUESS WHAT?” “I don’t know.  What?”             HAPPY OPENING DAY!!! ⚾️ That sentiment made me wonder (as a life-long-suffering Texas Ranger fan), “will this year be better…?” After more than 50 years of watching the Rangers the skeptic (realist?) in me says, “probably not.”  […]

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Satan Will Be Crushed

This world is filled with trouble.  Every person suffers and every person inflicts suffering on others.  We all have trouble with our physical bodies that fail us with as mundane things as forgetting to mail a bill to as weighty a problem as contracting Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 40.  We all have struggles with […]

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The last miracle of redemption

I would not say that miracles “abound” in Scripture.  There are miracles in the Bible.  There are many miracles.  By definition, miracles are astounding, incredible, unusual, and wondrous.  And the miracles of the Bible are all those things.  Think of the miracle of 2 million people crossing the Red Sea on dry land, getting across […]

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Comfort when tempted to complain

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from A Body of Divinity. Thou complainest, Christian, thou dost not enjoy thyself, fears disquiet thee, wants perplex thee; in the day thou canst not enjoy ease, in the night thou canst not enjoy sleep; […]

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