Ecclesiology matters

In the past two months I have heard several allegations (some public and some private) about pastors who have plagiarized sermons.  The allegations also appear to be much more than allegations; some of the video evidence I’ve seen seems indisputable and indefensible.  I don’t know what motivates a pastor to take sermons that do not […]

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It’s been a year

“It’s been a year…” How often did you hear that lament last year?  And how much more often have you heard it this year?  It’s not only been a remarkably unusual year — it’s been a remarkably unusual pair of years — politically, medically, socially, religiously, and for many of us — personally. But when […]

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Men, Relationships, and Ministry in 2021

Relationships are essential.  Relationships are a non-negotiable component of corporate church life and individual spiritual life.  Relationships are not an added blessing like a favorite dessert after a satisfying meal.  Just as fruit, vegetables, and protein are foundational to a good meal, relationships are foundational to life.  We might survive without relationship, be cannot thrive […]

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GBC Men’s Retreat

Grace Bible Church’s men’s conference next year will be held February 19-20 at Solid Rock Camp.  Our speaker this year is Pastor Rick Holland. Rick is senior pastor of Mission Road Bible Church in Kansas. He is also the author of Uneclipsing the Son, which will be the topic of the conference.  All registrants will […]

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Ministry update and encouragement

One of the blessings of COVID is that it has forced some changes into our lives that are ending up being good and helpful additions. That is true in ministry as well. For a couple of years, the leadership at Grace Bible Church has been contemplating how to communicate more effectively with the church body […]

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Arm yourself

Last year, in his series equipping men for friendship, David Gibson reminded us that “Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.”  Workout days are hard.  Workouts that focus on strengthening our legs can sometimes feel especially hard and we might be particularly tempted to skip leg workout days.  Don’t skip leg day. And don’t skip […]

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Why pray?

Two weeks ago, Pastor Keith exhorted us that in thinking about the future of Grace Bible Church, we should be thinking in terms of prayer — that a God-honoring church is a praying church. Last week, we were given an example from Paul’s letter to Colossae of the kinds of prayers to pray, and how […]

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Sermon: How Shall We Pray?

How Shall We Pray? — A Prayer for the Future Colossians 1:9-12 August 18, 2019 We have remembered our church’s past.  And we have remembered God’s faithfulness in our past. We have given thanks to God for His care for us over the past 40 years.  Now what?  As we said last Sunday, by the […]

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