Sermon: When You are Hated, Pt. 2

When You are Hated…, Part 2 Romans 12:17-21 November 15, 2020 We all have expectations for relationships.  We have desires for how they will work and what we will receive through those relationships.  However, we live in a fallen world, so… Our relationships will never work completely according to our plan Our relationships will never […]

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Sermon: When You are Hated

When You are Hated… Romans 12:14-16 November 8, 2020 Like you, I’ve had relationships where I’ve known the other person didn’t like me.  Those are hard relationships.  You know that and have experienced that.  But I don’t know that I’ve had anyone ever really hate me — hate me to the point of working against […]

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Be a hater

Having teens and now twenty-something daughters has helped me keep up with contemporary slang terms (kind of). One of the phrases that I learned from them a few years ago was, “don’t be a hater.” As I understand the phrase, it means something like, “don’t be jealous of me because of what I am/have,” or […]

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What the Lord hates

Is it possible for God to hate?  Does God hate? Yes, it is possible for God to hate and yes, He does hate.  He hates anything that is contrary to righteousness.  His hatred is a means of defending His truth, integrity and good.  He is against anything that violates His standard of what is right. […]

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Does God hate?

What does it mean when the Bible says, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated” (Rom. 9:13)? Can God really hate people?  (We know it is righteous to hate sin.)  If so, how is that hatred righteous (as it must be for God to be God)?  And what specifically did it mean when Paul quoted […]

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