Ecclesiology matters

In the past two months I have heard several allegations (some public and some private) about pastors who have plagiarized sermons.  The allegations also appear to be much more than allegations; some of the video evidence I’ve seen seems indisputable and indefensible.  I don’t know what motivates a pastor to take sermons that do not […]

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Five reasons to submit to government

Submission isn’t easy.  It isn’t easy for children to submit to parents.  Or students to teachers.  Or slaves to masters (or employees to employers).  Or wives to husbands.  Or church members to elders. And it’s not easy for citizens to submit to governing authorities. In 2021, it seems especially true that it is hard for […]

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When we sin in terrible ways

I did not know Ravi Zacharias.  I certainly knew of him and I have a couple of his books on apologetics, though I never read them.  I never attended a conference where he spoke, though I have had conversations with several people who were helped by his ministry of speaking and writing.  I heard of […]

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Nehemiah, the Leader

Nehemiah is recognized by most commentators as an example of extraordinary leadership.  And the biblical book that bears his name is often mined for principles of leadership. And it might be tempting to suppose that Nehemiah was blessed with unique circumstances that made it easy to lead — he held a high and privileged position […]

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A character test

Robert Wilson, in his book Character Above All seeks to answer one fundamental question:  “What is the relationship between the President’s character and presidential leadership?”  He asks the question because it is his observation that as a group, the American people “‘started out such good people.  What happened to us?’…Our political process does reflect us, […]

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David, the Shepherd

Spurgeon’s comments about David, from Psalm 78:72 — So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart. David was upright before God, and never swerved in heart from the obedient worship of Jehovah. Whatever faults he had, he was unfeignedly sincere in his allegiance to Israel’s superior king; he shepherded for God with […]

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What leadership is not

Last week I alluded to a blog post about what submission is not.  Here is a good reflection on what leadership (particularly in the home) is not.  Leadership is not: Simply or singularly a man’s issue Elevating Loud Prideful A call to be master Limiting Mindless Weakening Autonomous Self-Focused [Beggar To Beggar.] Again, a helpful […]

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Free Oswald Sanders audio book

Each month, Christian Audio makes available one book for a free download.  This month the book is J. Oswald Sanders’ classic work, Spiritual Leadership.  To download the book, follow the instructions found at Christian Audio. Add the download to your cart and use the coupon code SEP2010 when prompted to receive this month’s free download! […]

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Leadership questions

What makes a good leader? What makes a good leader in a home? In his outstanding and classic book, Spiritual Leadership (purchase the original edition, if you can find it), Oswald Sanders asks a series of questions that reveal the character of a natural leader.  They are good questions for all leaders — whether they […]

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Shepherd the flock

For those who serve in leadership in the church, 1 Peter 5:2ff is a familiar section: Shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight not under compulsion, but voluntarily, according to the will of God; and not for sordid gain, but with eagerness; nor yet as lording it over those allotted to your charge, […]

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