He is the King

Kevin Duckett is a metal detecting hobbyist, who went hunting with his tools in a field a dozen miles north of his home in Northamptonshire (UK) a few years ago.  When he spotted a gold glint, his first thought was that he had stumbled on an aluminum foil treasure.  He was wrong. He found a […]

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The King’s care of His people

No matter how personally wealthy a king is, no earthly ruler provides for his people. Rather, every earthly king seeks provision from his people through taxation.  Political rulers don’t give to their people; they take. [And by saying that, I am not suggesting that the “taking” through taxation is wrong — it isn’t, as Rom. […]

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Christ the King

The history of the world is that in many (most? all?) nations, the people want leaders and “kings” different from the ones they have.   A few hundred years ago, the United States didn’t want England’s king to be our king.  And a few thousand years ago, Israel didn’t want God to be their King (1 […]

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If Jesus is Lord…

The Apostle Paul makes the lordship of Jesus Christ a central theme in his letter to the Romans.  Forty three times Paul uses the word “Lord” in that letter, often with the pronoun, “our,” to indicate our fellowship with Him — Christ is not just any Lord, but He is the Lord who belongs to […]

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