What God has done

For the past two days, I have been meditating on the first part of Ps. 40:5 — Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders which You have done, And Your thoughts toward us… The words are penned by David and I have pondered what kinds of things he might have contemplated as he considered […]

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Day and night meditation

I am neither a farmer nor a rancher.  Yet for at least two weeks during a couple of summers in my youth, I became a “temp” farmer, working on my uncle’s dairy farm.  It was a time not only for a “city-slicker” to be exposed to some life realities, but also a fun time with […]

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Are you hungry?

“Like newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.” (1 Peter 2:2-3; NASB) When our children were younger, we kept a growth chart for them on the inside of a closet door in our […]

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Meditating on God in everyday events

Biblical meditation is filling our minds with the truth of God and then contemplating and thinking on that truth.  Typically we think of meditation as something done in conjunction with reading our Bibles, and that certainly is part of meditation.  However, as Thomas Watson demonstrates, meditation can be stimulated as we go through our day, […]

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The lovingkindness of God

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised” (Ps. 48:1). The words are familiar to us.  He is great.  We do praise Him.  But do we think on Him in ways that are fitting of Him?  Do we consider His character and His activities and recognize them as the facets of greatness that they […]

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Preaching to yourself

I recently picked up and began reading Joe Thorn’s book, Note to Self.  The book is about the discipline of meditation and especially the art of meditating on the gospel so that the gospel increasingly guides our thinking and actions. Justin Taylor did an interview with Joe Thorn in which they discussed the purpose and […]

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How to profit from your Bible reading

Bible reading is profitable.  Sometimes it’s more profitable than at other times.  How might we read the Scriptures so we received the greatest value from them?  How about starting with a commitment? Saving money, losing weight, driving the speed limit, and speaking graciously all begin with a commitment to consistently follow through on a particular […]

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What we think is what we are

It seems so innocent, really.  It’s just a fleeting thought about a single wayward dalliance.  Or maybe it’s just a brief longing for a slight but sweet revenge.  Or lingering look at an indulgent — and way-beyond-your-means — purchase.  Or the contemplation of a series of stinging retorts that weren’t said and wouldn’t be said, […]

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Thinking about our thoughts

David longed for words and meditations that were acceptable to God — words both inward and outward that reflected a heart conformed to the character of God. Solomon notes that the inward thoughts of a man reveal the very character of a man — it is not what he does but what he thinks that […]

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Think on these things

It has been said of this generation of Christian believers (in America and the West particularly) that our weakness is that we do not think often enough or deeply enough about God.  It’s not that we hate God or are angry with God or confused about God — our problem is that we are too […]

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