What are you thinking?

What we think is important.   I don’t mean that our opinions about various topics are important. They may or may not be important; but I mean that the content of our thoughts — what we are thinking about in any given moment is important.  The millions of thoughts that travel around our six-inch diameter […]

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A godly man is a man of knowledge

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from The Godly Man’s Picture. It will be enquired in the next place, “Who is the godly man?” For the full answer to this I shall lay down several specific signs and characteristics of a […]

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Spiritual food

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is…” (Prov. 23:7a; NASB) A quick trip to the local bookstore and even a superficial perusal of the food section will yield a plethora of books on dieting and eating designed to help the reader change his habits of consumption.  The tenor of the books?  “You are […]

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Remember Jesus

I am afraid it is true.  I have done some time in jail. I was young.  Very young.  And by the grace of God, the time I did was short.  I did five minutes as a six-year-old first-grader.  We had gone on a field trip to the county jail, and to give us a sense […]

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What do you think?

It’s a simple question.  It will often be spoken at a car lot as a decision is about to be made.  And a young man will ask his friend this question about the girl he is interested in taking on a first date.  And a child will ask this of her mother as she wonders […]

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What do you offer a man who is discouraged and hopeless? What do you offer someone whose world is shattered? What do you offer someone who has captured a glimpse into the future, and the fear of it is not startling, but terrifying in its deadliness? What did Jesus offer the disciples?  On Thursday night […]

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A steadfast mind

Author George Bernard Shaw went to visit fellow Brit and sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein on one occasion.  As the artist showed the writer his studio, Shaw noticed a huge block of stone in the corner and asked Epstein what his intention was for the granite. “I don’t know yet.  I’m still making plans.” “You mean […]

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Book Review: Think

Title:  Think:  The Life of the Mind and the Love of God Author:  John Piper Publisher:  Crossway, 2010; 222 pp. $19.99 Recommendation (4-star scale):  There is no Christian mind.…As a thinking being, the modern Christian has succumbed to secularization.  He accepts religion — its morality, its worship; but he rejects the religious view of life, […]

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