Sermon: The “Foolish” Gospel

The “Foolish” Gospel 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 December 30, 2018 Tuesday is New Year’s Day.  So perhaps you, like many of us, will spend some time in the next couple of days doing some self-evaluation — where have you done well physically, financially, relationally, and spiritually this year?  Where have you not done so well?  And […]

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Sermon: Prayer and the Gospel

“Prayer and the Gospel” Ephesians 6:18-20 January 7, 2018 One of my annual goals is to read at least one book each year on evangelism. So this week I read Rico Tice’s book, Honest Evangelism: How to Talk About Jesus When It’s Tough. In his introduction he writes: I find evangelism hard. The problem with […]

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Reading your Bible in 2018

The spiritual life is not complicated. It can be difficult, but it’s not complicated. Growth in the spiritual life and development in Christlikeness happens as we take in God’s Word and then apply that Word.  And taking in God’s Word begins with reading it, then studying it, meditating on it, memorizing it, and finally applying […]

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Life’s Questions and God’s Word

“Life’s Questions and God’s Word” Psalm 119:81-88 December 31, 2017 It’s hard to think about Americans being persecuted for their faith for two reasons: While our country was founded largely for a pursuit of religious freedom, that very pursuit of religious freedom has largely kept believers from being persecuted for our faith since that time. […]

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Sermon: Pray for One Another

“Pray for One Another” Ephesians 3:14-21 January 3, 2016 In my freshman year in college, I began to grow significantly in my spiritual life. One part of that growth was that I began attending a Wednesday evening Bible study — and part of that study was a prayer time with other men in the church […]

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Sermon: Pray in this way

Pray in This Way Matthew 6:9-15 January 18, 2015 At the beginning of a new year, we often engage in self-evaluation — Perhaps you have an annual physical like I did this week. You may evaluate the state of your marriage and home — “how are the children or grandchildren doing and how effective are […]

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Setting goals?

The beginning of January is typically a time when people set new goals for the coming year.  And generally they are akin to some kind of self-improvement project:  lose weight, save some amount of money, spend more time with family, get spiritual, and meet an achievement at work or school. If you are among those […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: You may have made a resolution this week about your Bible reading for this year.  Here is some good counsel for “How to read the whole Bible in 2014” (including a variety of Bible reading plans) by Justin Taylor.  I’ve also posted several plans for our church here.  […]

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More and more resolutions

Today is a day when many people make resolutions for how they will conduct their lives in the coming year.  How will they relate to family members?  What will they do with their jobs?  How much time will they spend exercising?  serving others?  How much weight is realistic to lose?  What will they read? A […]

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A Prayer for New Year’s Day

This morning, Tony Reinke quoted this prayer from one of my favorite devotional books, The Valley of Vision.  It is fitting for the advent of a new year: O Lord, Length of days does not profit me except the days are passed in thy presence, in thy service, to thy glory. Give me a grace […]

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Resolved to change?

Are you think about some things that need changing in the coming year?  Here are some resources to help you think through some resolutions for next week: There are many Bible reading plans to help order your Bible intake.  Here are some I’ve accumulated over the years.  (UPDATE:  Here are also two chronological plans I’ve […]

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The path

Like planning a route with Google maps, many people today are designing and outlining the moral pathway they will take this year.  Out with the old, in with the new.  All the well-worn, dead-end paths of the past will be forsaken and a new route will be followed. Whether we will or will not succeed […]

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