Sermon: When You are Hated, Pt. 2

When You are Hated…, Part 2 Romans 12:17-21 November 15, 2020 We all have expectations for relationships.  We have desires for how they will work and what we will receive through those relationships.  However, we live in a fallen world, so… Our relationships will never work completely according to our plan Our relationships will never […]

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Sermon: When You are Hated

When You are Hated… Romans 12:14-16 November 8, 2020 Like you, I’ve had relationships where I’ve known the other person didn’t like me.  Those are hard relationships.  You know that and have experienced that.  But I don’t know that I’ve had anyone ever really hate me — hate me to the point of working against […]

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Expect persecution

In America, we feel entitled.  We have a constitutional right to life, liberty, and happiness, we believe.  The constitution actually says, “the pursuit of happiness,” but in this day, we believe that to mean that we should have happiness (and ease) without having to labor for it.  We should not have trials, difficulty, suffering, or […]

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Grab bag

With the discussion of transgender issues and gender reassignment surgeries increasing, we do well to be informed on those topics.  So consider JBMW‘s article, “What is Gender Reassignment Surgery? A Medical Assessment.” Kevin DeYoung tells us why we ought to give, “Three Cheers for Bill and Hillary Clinton” — at least the Clintons from a […]

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The end of Christianity in Iraq

Here is a story that has not been well-reported; Christians need to be aware of this one.  Persecution in various forms is on the increase in America.  In other parts of the world, persecution in the form of stealing, violence, and death is even more the norm.  We should not be surprised. We should not […]

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