Fighting for Church Unity

Unity in the local church is the goal of every church (or it should be).  It is not always easily or readily attained, as a newspaper account about a church in Wales a couple of generations ago testifies: Yesterday the two opposition groups both sent ministers to the pulpit. Both spoke simultaneously, each trying to […]

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Messed Up Family?

From Jon Bloom: Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find an example of what we would call a “healthy family” in the Bible? It’s a lot easier to find families with a lot of sin and a lot of pain than to find families with a lot of harmony. For example, here’s […]

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The benefits of conflict

We don’t (generally) like conflict. Typically, conflict is painful. We’ve been hurt by conflict.  And we’ve hurt others in conflict. So it’s hard to affirm a statement like, “there are benefits to conflict.” Yet, when conflict is handled well, there are benefits to it.  And Acts 15 demonstrates some of those benefits. This chapter recounts […]

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Do you love Jesus?

More than 25 years ago, Raye Jeanne and I met.  Our relationship was progressing fairly rapidly and I was trying to sort out my thoughts about her and us while at the same time feeling an emotional pull in a particular direction.  There was a topic I wanted to address with her, but knew that […]

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When should I confront a brother?

A few days ago, I came across a question, “when is an issue important enough to correct someone?” The issue in that post seemed to be centered on correcting incorrect information (e.g., if something is not true, how often and when should I attempt to correct it?), and in that regard was helpful. However, that […]

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Sunday Leftovers (9/20/09)

As we think about the early church, even though reading the epistles, it is still sometimes tempting to be idealistic about the world in which those believers lived and the manner in which those churches functioned.  “If only our church could be like those early New Testament churches…,” we suggest.  Yet in such longings we […]

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