They were brought safely to land

“…they were brought safely to land” (Acts 27:44). It sounds so tame and calm and serene.  Sure, there had been a storm and a ship had broken up and people were forced to swim and hold on to scattered planks and other assorted flotation devices to make it to shore, but the understated declaration, “they […]

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Will we risk?

Tomorrow begins a two-part series of sermons on missions at our church.  And thinking about missions (overseas missions, anyway), often invites a question something like, “what will you risk for the cause of Christ?” John Piper has addressed the topic of risk in sermons and articles.  But several years ago he gave two sermons entitled, […]

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Today’s Quote – Safety (Piper)

John Piper, “Will We Risk?  Venturing in Ministry” (audio sermon only): Safety is a mirage.  It ought to be.  And yet our churches — American churches — are filled with people who only dream security, now and until they drop dead.  Maximize safety.  Maximize security.  Maximize comfort.  It’s the total opposite of the Biblical vision […]

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