The writing sabbatical is over

Four weeks ago I began a writing sabbatical. I had four writing objectives for my time away: Complete my application for ACBC Fellowship Plan and begin working on a book on biblical counseling, tentatively titled, Teach the Word:  Biblical Expositions for Biblical Counselors Write teaching notes for 11 teaching sessions for a biblical counseling training […]

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Sabbatical Reflections

I have a bachelor’s degree in print journalism and I always have considered it a good thing to have a little newspaper ink on my hands each day. Yet I have also long had the conviction that newspapers are often a poor source for evaluating the relative importance of any given story or event because […]

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On Sabbatical

In September of 1990 at my installation service at the beginning of my ministry at Grace, my father (a seminary professor and pastor) spoke, and in giving a charge, described the man that some have called “the perfect pastor:” The perfect pastor preaches exactly fifteen minutes. He condemns sin, but never embarrasses anyone. He works […]

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