God takes sin seriously

Read Isaiah 6 — even quickly and superficially — and you understand the horror of sin when standing before a holy God. One of our many difficulties with sin is that even for the redeemed and forgiven man, sin still exists.  Even when declared righteous by God, we still sin and God is concerned with […]

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When we sin in terrible ways

I did not know Ravi Zacharias.  I certainly knew of him and I have a couple of his books on apologetics, though I never read them.  I never attended a conference where he spoke, though I have had conversations with several people who were helped by his ministry of speaking and writing.  I heard of […]

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God’s merciful use of sin

You are aware of the saying, “You can be anything you want to be; you can do anything you want to do, if you just try hard enough.” I am intentionally working to burst bubbles and change thinking when I say, “Bologna.”  That saying is just wrong.  Completely wrong.  And foolish.  And deceiving.  And hopeless […]

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Prayer and temptation

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once.  I was in my early 20s and was just there for one afternoon while on a cross-country trip.  Because I wasn’t sure when or if I would ever return, I took many pictures.  But I wanted only the pure beauty of the canyon; I didn’t want man-made objects […]

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Help for mortifying the flesh

This morning I finished preaching a brief series on the mortification of the flesh (Rom. 8:12-13 and Col. 3:1-17). Fighting against remaining sin is the greatest difficulty in the believer’s life and the greatest opportunity to experience the sufficient power of Christ and the Spirit. As I have studied and thought about this topic over […]

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Sermon: Life Against the Flesh

Life in the Spirit, Life Against the Flesh Romans 8:12-13 September 30, 2018 One of the hardest parts of the spiritual life is dealing with the daily reality that we are in a fight. Spiritual maturity does not come easily. Sin rarely waves the white flag of surrender. The flesh often proposes a truce with […]

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Christ came for sin

In Romans 8:3, Paul identifies the reason for Christ’s advent — He came “for sin” (ESV). That is, He came for the purpose of addressing the problem of sin. He came for sin because sin was (and is) the great problem of mankind. We tend to think we have bigger problems than sin. We have […]

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It’s a fight

In his book Comrades, Stephen Ambrose writes this about warfare: Combat requires all the nerves, all the physical attributes, every bit of the training. It is only in combat, nowhere else, where time is measured in other ways than by clocks or calendars. Only in combat does the soldier realize that he is in the […]

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“I’m no good”

Too many times I have made the statement, “I’m no good,” or “I’m no good at…” And too many times I have heard others make similar statements. Very often, these (and other) self-deprecating comments are actually solicitations of affirmation or a veiled desire for compliments (“Oh, Terry, you’re really good at…” or “You’re not like […]

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