God’s Grace for troubled People, Pt. 2

God’s Grace for Troubled People, Pt. 2Zechariah 8:9-17March 19, 2023 I suppose everyone likes a surprise (happy) ending to a story.  The Bible is filled with stories of unexpected endings — tragedies and loss that are unexpectedly transformed (what one writer calls “redemptive reversals”). These stories begin appearing in the Bible almost on the first […]

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God’s Grace for troubled People, Pt. 1

God’s Grace for Troubled People, Pt. 1Zechariah 8:1-8March 5, 2023 Thaddeus Williams writes about the fastest-growing religion in the world, self-worship: …84 percent of Americans believe that “enjoying yourself is the highest goal of life.” Further, 86 percent believe that to enjoy yourself you must “pursue the things you desire most.” And 91 percent affirm […]

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Fasting and the Bible

Spiritual disciplines. The phrase provokes thoughts of Bible reading — and Bible study, meditation, and memorization — and prayer.  And some might think of corporate worship and biblical fellowship.  And evangelism.  But that is the extent of what most of us think about when the practices that lead us to fellowship and joy with Christ […]

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Sermon: A Question for the Lord

A Question for the LordZechariah 7:1-7February 5, 2023 For many years now, at the beginning of every year, I have preached a series of two sermons on essential spiritual disciplines:  Bible and prayer.  Then a few years ago I started also preaching a sermon on evangelism and the gospel.  We need these yearly reminders of […]

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Sermon: Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another 1 Thessalonians 5:11 July 24, 2021 I love the story told by Larry Olsen in Outdoor Survival Skills: A guy has been lost in the desert for days. He’s out of food and water. His lips are parched, his tongue swollen. His legs are bruised and bleeding from crawling, his skin is […]

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Sermon: The Government and You

The Government and You Romans 13:1-7 (Pt. 1) February 14, 2021 A number of years ago, U.S. Rep. Jack Metcalf (WA), revealed that the US Forestry Service and a Washington State agency planned to spend $18,000 to dye rocks gray and brown along a scenic highway in the Cascade mountains, because the rocks in question […]

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Sermon: Jesus Prays

Jesus Prays John 17:20-26 January 3, 2021 Few things reveal the nature and condition of our hearts like prayer (when we are genuine and truthful). That is true as well of the heart of Christ, which makes the Lord’s prayer in John 17 a particularly rich and stimulating passage of Scripture.  Of this passage, Melanchthon […]

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Sermon: Pray for One Another

“Pray for One Another” Ephesians 3:14-21 January 3, 2016 In my freshman year in college, I began to grow significantly in my spiritual life. One part of that growth was that I began attending a Wednesday evening Bible study — and part of that study was a prayer time with other men in the church […]

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Sermon: The Comforting Word

“The Comforting Word” Psalm 119:49-56 December 27, 2015 I’m not sure who did the research, but someone came up with a list of “America’s Top 99 Problems.” A few samplings from the list (in increasing order of importance): Terrorism Peeling paint Snakebites Ugly clothes Nothing good to watch on TV Light pollution Airline delays Orbiting […]

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In his book Finding God in Unexpected Places, Philip Yancey recounts the story of some early Spanish sailors who reached the continent of South America after an arduous voyage. “The caravel sailed into the headwaters of the Amazon, an expanse of water so wide the sailors presumed it to be a continuation of the Atlantic […]

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