I’m thankful

Several years ago I got up in the middle of one night and fainted in the bathroom, knocking a few tiles off our shower wall where my head hit and putting a gash in my head in the process.  (Yes — insert joke/comment here about my head being harder than ceramic tile!)  Then about 2-1/2 […]

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Give thanks to God

I grew up in a home where we were taught to say “please” and “thank you.” Our children grew up in a home where they were expected to send timely “thank you” notes for gifts they received. And many of you experienced the same kind of training. While saying and writing “thank you” often seems […]

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Sermon: One Grateful Man

“One Grateful Man” Luke 17:11-19 November 22, 2015 It’s one of my (several) favorite Peanuts cartoons: Linus is shown sitting at a table, pencil in hand. In the second panel the paper he was writing on is crumpled with his expected exclamation, “Rats!” In the third panel we see a trash can surrounded by numerous […]

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