Sermon: In Praise of God

In Praise of God Romans 11:33-36 July 26, 2020 John Wesley Powell was a government explorer who led a boat expedition through the Grand Canyon in 1869.  He wrote a description of his impressions of that trip entitled, “The Most Sublime Spectacle on Earth” in his book, Canyons of the Colorado (1895): The Grand Canyon […]

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Sermon: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit? Selected Scriptures February 16, 2014 It seems that we live in a time when theological error is particularly thriving.  There have always been false teachers.  They just seem to abound today: There is confusion about the church and unity — should we embrace every entity that calls itself a church […]

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God and Exodus

A few theological thoughts about while doing today’s Bible reading (Exodus 5-8): Pharaoh’s initial response to Moses’ request to release the Israelites was similar to and a precursor to the way many unbeliever’s today reject God — “why should I do that?  Who is God and why should I obey Him?” (Ex. 5:2) God actively […]

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Sunday Leftovers: Teach Me, Lord

‪Martin Niemöller‬ was a pastor in Nazi Germany who interned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps from 1938 to 1945 for so-called activities against the state.  Following his release he revealed how the Bible sustained him during those years: What did this book mean to me during the long and weary years of solitary confinement […]

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Grab bag

“When Your World Caves In” (Paul Levy) — a sober reminder of the cost of sin in general and the cost (and protection against) sexual sin in particular:  “Recently I’ve spent some time with two friends who were in ministry but have fallen morally and so now find themselves out of a job that they loved, […]

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Berkhof’s Systematic Theology

Bible Training has made a copy of Berkhof’s Systematic Theology available in both .pdf and epub formats.  This was the primary theology text I used in the first couple years of seminary, and I have repeatedly returned to it and found it helpful. The eschatology section in this book won’t be as helpful, but most […]

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