Sermon: Living to Please God

Living to Please GodHebrews 11:4-6March 13, 2022 A year ago, Sirin Kale, a journalist for the British newspaper The Guardian, wrote: In the past fortnight, I have bought the following items online: a hideous cat tree that takes up most of my living room, a lavender pillow spray, two scarves, a pair of gloves, two […]

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Set free

In 1864, having served as a slave for 32 years, Jourdan Anderson escaped with his wife Amanda from their master, Colonel P.H. Anderson.  They went to Ohio where Jourdan found work as a free man, finally able to support his family. A year later, Jourdan received a letter from P. H., asking him to return […]

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Sermon: Living…by faith

Living…By FaithHebrews 11:1-3March 6, 202 We live in an unjust world. This is the hospitality center for Slavic Gospel Association in Irpin, Ukraine, where I stayed two years ago.  And this is now one of the roads that leads to that house. The war against Ukraine has grieved many of you; it provokes me to […]

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When you are angry

I have recently been re-reading David Powlison’s book, Good and Angry. I found two ideas to be particularly helpful. First, like a good biblical counselor, he reminds us readers to supplant sinful anger with a corresponding righteous replacement.  And he reminds us of the nature of God to do that, drawing attention to God’s interaction […]

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Praying for Ukraine

Note:  This article was updated on March 3, from its original post on February 25. I have been graced to be able to take several trips overseas to teach the Scriptures:  Cambodia, Germany, Uganda, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Dubai.  When the opportunity to travel and teach is given, my first response is to ask my […]

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Reflections on teaching overseas

Last week, Pastor Dan Kirk and I taught a course on Marriage and Family Counseling for the Gulf Theological Seminary in Dubai, UAE.  The president of the seminary is Eric Zeller, a longtime friend and ministry co-laborer who we began supporting nearly a decade ago.  The course was part of an emphasis GTS is making […]

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Evangelistic grace and boldness

When Paul instructs the Colossians about evangelism — and asks for them to pray for him in his gospel efforts as well — he encourages them to be wise and gracious in the way they both conduct themselves and speak.  It takes discernment to know when to speak the gospel and it takes prayerful preparation […]

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Anger and its Progression

Given the vast number of words that have been identified with anger in the Scriptures (someone has identified more than 500 terms that reflect a form of anger), this may be an overly simplistic overview of the topic.  But perhaps this provides you a good place to start thinking about what anger looks like and […]

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The believer’s hope

The true account of the death of the philosopher Socrates serves as a parable of the hopelessness of the world.  With the poison of hemlock already flowing through his veins and death momentarily awaiting him, one of his disciples leaned forward to him and whispered, “Master, shall we live again?” That’s an important question for […]

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The problem of emotions

Emotions are the whole-bodied (inner and outer man) response of a person’s values in and evaluations of given circumstances. [That’s a paraphrase from Brian Borgman.]  The problem of our emotions is that they have been skewed by the Adamic fall and curse.  They no longer operate righteously at all times.  They are sorrowful when they […]

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Day and night in the Bible

If you have ever needed to rid yourself of a few pounds, you know how your mind can be absorbed with thoughts about food while on a diet.  You wake up hungry.  You are hungry before meals, shortly after meals, and at bed.  When you aren’t engaged in a task, your mind wanders to the […]

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