Warfield on inspiration

The inspiration of Scripture is a reference to the divine authorship of Scripture — the Bible has God as its singular source and authority.  It comes from God. Perhaps no theologian wrote as carefully or extensively on the topic of inspiration as B. B. Warfield.  In his classic work, Inspiration and Authority, he writes this […]

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Theology deals for your Kindle

Several excellent theological resources are available for a short time for your Kindle — many of them published by Crossway.  Consider these examples: A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards ed. by John Piper & Justin Taylor ($1.99) Jonathan Edwards and Justification ed. by Josh Moody ($3.99) God’s Grand Design […]

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The process of salvation

B. B. Warfield: Ideally all of Christ’s children were saved before the foundation of the world, when they were set upon by God’s love, and given by the Father to the Son to be saved by Him. Objectively they were saved when Christ died for them on the tree, purchasing them to Himself by His […]

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