Sermon: By Faith Alone, Part 2

“By Faith Alone” Part 2 Romans 4:17-22 July 16, 2017 This week I read this statement by John MacArthur in Justification by Faith Alone: “No doctrine is more important to evangelical theology than the doctrine of justification by faith alone.” That’s a strong statement. J. I. Packer affirmed that statement when he wrote, “Martin Luther […]

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Sermon: By Faith Alone

“By Faith Alone” Romans 4:17-22 July 9, 2017 On October 31 this year, we will mark the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses (topics for debate) on the door of the Wittenberg (Castle) Church. Historians typically interpret that event as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. And the Reformation is vital to […]

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Sermon: How is One Justified?

“How is One Justified?” Romans 4:13-16 July 2, 2017 I’m a curious person. I always have been. Do you know how young children ask “why?” and “how” incessantly? That’s me. Raye Jeanne didn’t fully comprehend that when we got married. Then in our first year or two of marriage, there was a massive power outage […]

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Sermon: Who Can Be Justified?

“Who Can Be Justified?” Romans 4:9-12 April 30, 2017 Put this in the category of unexpected blessings. When Kushikatsu Tanaka was a young girl, her father developed a particular recipe for deep-fried fried meat on a stick. Though he was a real estate agent, he spent many of his leisure hours perfecting the craft of […]

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Sermon: The Old, Old Story

“The Old, Old Story” Romans 4:1-8 April 2, 2017 Every child loves a good story. It was not uncommon that when the girls were still living at home — even when they were in high school — they would ask at the dinner table, “Daddy, tell us a story.” And with a little prompting about […]

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