Around God’s throne

Read Isaiah 6:1-5 or Revelation 4-5. Then read this new hymn by Jeremy Walker, “A Mighty Host of Angels Stands:” A mighty host of angels stands Around Christ’s throne in heaven; Their sinless tongues extol his worth, All praise to him is given; With awe recount his mighty works, His face behold with wonder, Lift […]

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Hymn Story — Just As I Am

The backgrounds to many of our hymns and songs provide additional testimony of God’s goodness and grace, expanding the effect of the words we sing.  The hymn, “Just As I Am,” is another work that grows in significance when we learn the story of its author, Charlotte Elliott: Just as I am, without one plea, […]

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“It Is Well with My Soul”

The hymn “It is Well with My Soul,” has been well-loved and sung for many generations, not only for its words, but also for the story behind the song. Here is that story, and more of the story than you perhaps already know, and a photo of the original manuscript of the song: HT: Justin […]

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