Grace in suffering

It is rare to think of pain and suffering as a gift of God’s grace.  Instead, most of the time, we  argue with God about our plight, we complain and become angry about the “unfairness” of our suffering, and we assume that our circumstances are inherently bad. As a contrast, consider the testimony of Joni […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles recently spotted on the internet: Douglas Groothuis offers wise counsel on listening to sermons in “A short theology of listening.”  An excerpt: Listen . . . with all your might; hear the living and active word. The teaching and preaching of God’s imperishable word is truly a sacred event whereby the Truth […]

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Why do you want to go to heaven?

John Piper has refined gospel presentation by asking the question, “If you could have everything good about heaven — no suffering, trouble removed, no pain, no death, no tears, fellowship with others, eternal life, etc… — and God is not there, do you still want heaven?” If the answer is “yes,” then the person has […]

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