The sinner’s pathway

Oops. Some parents had a great idea for their children’s special Christmas gift one year.  They ordered a kit for a tree house from a mail order catalogue.  On Christmas Eve, as the mother and father began to assemble the pieces, they discovered to their dismay that while they had received the plans for a […]

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Day and night meditation

I am neither a farmer nor a rancher.  Yet for at least two weeks during a couple of summers in my youth, I became a “temp” farmer, working on my uncle’s dairy farm.  It was a time not only for a “city-slicker” to be exposed to some life realities, but also a fun time with […]

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The path

Like planning a route with Google maps, many people today are designing and outlining the moral pathway they will take this year.  Out with the old, in with the new.  All the well-worn, dead-end paths of the past will be forsaken and a new route will be followed. Whether we will or will not succeed […]

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