The guilt is gone

Guilt might be the most notorious five-letter word in our culture.  Declarations of guilt are minimized — he’s not “guilty,” he’s just “struggling” or he “made a mistake.”  And feelings of guilt are suppressed and denied.  A New York Times article I found this week captures the cultural attitude towards guilt perfectly: A friend of […]

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Sermon: The Old, Old Story, Pt. 2

“The Old, Old Story” Pt. 2 Romans 4:1-8 April 23, 2017 When I was in seminary, the church Raye Jeanne and I were part of trained its members in evangelism with the Evangelism Explosion materials. I went through the program and eventually also became a trainer for EE. One semester, one of my trainees was […]

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The blessedness of forgiveness

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from The Godly Man’s Picture. “For this cause shall everyone who is godly pray unto you.” (Psalm 32:6) Holy David at the beginning of this psalm, shows us wherein true happiness consists; not in beauty, […]

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I confess

I confess I find confession hard. Don’t we all? There is nothing easy about admitting one is wrong.  And compounding the difficulty of confession is the further requirement to ask for forgiveness from the one to whom we are confessing.  And when we confess to the Lord, it additionally requires a desire to change — […]

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