God, the Faithful Shepherd-King

God, the Faithful Shepherd-KingZechariah 9:11-17May 14, 2023 I suppose most people in most nations complain about their political leaders.  Ingrained in the fallenness of man is an inherent rebellion against authority.  So, we don’t like kings (or presidents, or dictators, or senators, or…).  We don’t want anyone ruling over us, dictating what we will do […]

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God’s Wrath and Redemption

God’s Wrath and RedemptionZechariah 9:1-8April 30, 2023 Unbelievers have many complaints against God.  But I suspect that one of the main complaints against God is that He is wrathful — and particularly that He would judge sinners and condemn them to eternal Hell.  You’ve heard the criticism:  “How can God send anyone to Hell and […]

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