One writer has noted that “there is a ‘father hunger’ in every one of us — an insatiable desire to know our fathers.”

I believe he is right and I believe that produces at least two clear implications. One, it behooves a father to do all he can to fulfill that hunger by being intentional with his children. Some would point to the social implications of fathers being fathers as the reason that is so important. Yet there are also spiritual reasons that fathers should fulfill their function in the home: because that is the calling of God on their lives. Yes, it is hard work. But it is also a primary means God has designed by which new disciples of Christ are brought into the world.

A second implication of a broadly-experienced father hunger is that every person’s hunger for a father will be, at best, only partially satisfied by an earthly father. Only the satisfaction of God, the Father can ultimately satisfy. Every other father, will at times (volitionally or accidentally) give his children snakes or stones instead of fish and bread. Every father, wittingly or unwittingly, will occasionally provoke his children to anger. It must be so because of indwelling sin. Try as he might, desire as he does, he will sin and he will sin against his children.

Not so with God. Not so with our Father in heaven.

He will not sin against his children. He cannot sin against His children. So the wisest thing one can do in seeking a father to fulfill that “father hunger” is to seek God. Find satisfaction in Him and you will never be dissatisfied.