I have long appreciated the ministry of Desiring God making all their audio resources and as many of their print resources as possible available for free.

Now comes this announcement from Grace to You that beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 5, they will make all of John MacArthur’s audio (including his weekly sermons) similarly available for free. Grace to You has long had a very liberal and generous policy about giving away materials and resources.  This is a welcome addition to the grace they have long practiced!

Here is the announcement —

Message from Grace To You ministry:

Dear brothers and sisters of like precious faith, I have some big news to
share with you.  Next week, Grace to You will institute a new policy
regarding the availability of John MacArthur’ssermons. On Wednesday,
November 5th, we will release our entire inventory of sermons on MP3s for
free download via our website (http:// http://www.gty.org). This policy is not a
temporary promotion or sales gimmick. This is a new and permanent policy
designed to make God’s word available to the widest possible audience.

John and GTY management have made this change because we believe that in uncertain times-an historic presidential election, a struggling economy, and multiplying threats to peace and stability around the world-there’s no
reason to restrict the message of the gospel and its eternal certainty to
those who can afford to pay for it or to those whose governments allow it.

Although Grace to You is making the same hard financial decisions you and
your families are making, we firmly believe God has shown us this path and
that He always honors faithfulness to His will. We know that in God’s
economy there is no risk of being too generous. When the world is anxious we want to be a vibrant influence for the Lord and to offer help instead of
asking for it.

Please pray for His blessing as we step out in boldness to penetrate past
economic and political barriers globally so that the glory of God’s name
might be expanded exponentially.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends and family and keep an eye
on our website (http://www.gty.org) as November 5th approaches.  Please note that John’s Sunday sermons (morning and evening) will also be available for free download each week.

Customer Service
Grace To You