When I was four or five years old, it was not uncommon for me to ask my mother if I could use a table knife for a few minutes.  I would take the knife to my bedroom, grab my green ceramic piggy bank, hop on my bed and carefully use the knife to extract the coins in the bank from the entry slot (it had no “drain plug”).

Slowly the pig would yield its contents onto my bedspread and when the last coin was out (mostly pennies), I would delightedly begin to count.

I don’t remember how much I usually had, but I can’t imagine that it was ever much more than a dollar or two.  Yet as those coins began to drop, I felt rich!  My mind would race with the possibilities of what I might do with my treasure.  Little did I know how meager it really was and how insignificant was its power.

Yet every believer in Christ really does have a great treasure — it is our position in Christ.

And the book of Ephesians is God’s exposition of all that we have in Christ.  We have (among other possessions):

  • every spiritual and heavenly (eternal) blessing — 1:3
  • election before the beginning of time — 1:4
  • redemption and forgiveness — 1:7
  • being made those who would to the praise of God’s glory — 1:12
  • the guarantee and sealing of the Holy Spirit — 1:13
  • knowing the greatness of His power and strength (through resurrection) — 1:18-20
  • brought near to God — 2:13
  • made heirs of God and partakers of God’s promise to Israel – 3:6
  • access to God — 3:12

One writer has summarized the benefits of being in Christ this way —

Being “in Christ” or “in Christ Jesus” pulls together all that is Christian existence.  It sums up all that Christians have and are as “co-heirs” (Rom. 8:17) with Christ, as his people.  It speaks of the huge privileges that are ours, and the great inheritance that is ours.…Being “in Christ” is therefore an immense privilege for all who are called and have faith in Him.

It is, however, not just a position or a privilege granted to a believer, but a relationship with God Himself.  It is the fellowship that we share with God through Christ.  It is that which Christ prayed (Jn. 17:20-26) not only for the twelve disciples in the Garden on the night of His betrayal, but also what He prayed for those who would believe through their testimony (us)!  He prayed that we would be one (unified body, v. 21) and that we would be united in and with the Godhead (vv. 22-23) so that we would see His glory (v. 24).

The work of Christ on the cross and the great transfer of our sin to Him and His righteousness to us is the answer to that prayer and the basis for our great spiritual wealth in Him.  Every believer is rich because of the righteousness of Christ that has been attributed to Him, enabling him to see God.

As you contemplate what your spiritual condition and state, as you examine your heart about its desires and longings, also contemplate the gracious and abundant gift that God the Father has given you of being in Christ.