Memorial Day

Korean Memorial 1Today is Memorial Day.

It is a day to appropriately remember those who have given their service and their lives for the sake of the freedom of our country.  On this Memorial Day Monday, I cannot help but think back to last Monday when our family viewed a number of memorials on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

As the granite marker notes at the Korean Memorial, “freedom is not free.”

It is good for a country to reflect on the graces that have been provided to it through the sacrificial works and service of others.

It is even better for believers to reflect on the graces that have been provided to them through the sacrificial work and service of Jesus Christ.

In that sense, every day is a day for communion — for the Lord’s Supper.  Every day is worthy of us giving our attention to the work of the cross.

So Paul wrote,

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel…

Remember the person of Jesus Christ.  Remember He was and is the eternal God-Man.  God incarnate.  God forsaken by God on the cross.  God who had every right and privilege of the godhead, willingly and joyously laying aside His every privilege so that He might endure God’s wrath on the cross.

Gordon's CalvaryRemember the resurrection of Christ.  Remember that there is no resurrection without death.  There is no death without separation and forsaking from the Father.  Remember that Christ’s self-resurrection is a singular event, never repeated.  Remember that His resurrection is our resurrection and hope.

Remember that He is the descendant of David — the promised Messiah.  Remember that He is the fulfillment of all that is promised by God for the nation of Israel.  Remember that we Gentiles have been grafted into this promise to Israel — recipients of a grace that was not promised directly to us.  Remember that as Messiah, He is King who will rule eternally on His throne.

Remember that we have one gospel.  It is the truth of Jesus Christ the Savior — the crucified One who is risen and reigning.

On this Memorial Day, remember those who have sacrificed for our continued freedom in this country.

On this Memorial Day, remember the One who has sacrificed Himself for the believer’s eternal freedom from sin and the wrath of God.

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