Yesterday in Wittenberg

Yesterday we traveled to Wittenberg — the site where Luther nailed his 95 theses on the church door and also maintained a long-term ministry.  We toured his home and the two churches of interest — where he pastored and where he posted his theses.  I took many pictures.  It was a wonderful day.

And then I ran out of battery and then I left the camera in the car overnight, so I wasn’t able to post any pictures.  So, today I’ll get the camera and charge the battery and then post some pictures.  More thoughts about the day then.

We begin to teach Matthew today.  I am slated for Matthew 3-5 later this morning — John the Baptist’s ministry, Christ’s wilderness temptations, and the first chapter in the sermon on the mount, one of my favorite sections in the book.

More later today…

One thought on “Yesterday in Wittenberg

  1. Hey, T:
    Thanks for posting. It was good to “hear” of the trip so far. Tomorrow I’ll handle the parenting class then we’ll drive up to Denton. Thursday we head to Angel Fire. Enjoy the time there! Greg

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